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6 Common Mistakes Defendants Make When Picking a Criminal Defence Law Firm

When defendants choose a criminal defense law firm, they often make common mistakes. Here are some of them:

Not Doing Their Research

The first step to picking a reputable law firm is conducting a background check on them.

You’ll want to find out things like; Do they have the necessary credentials to handle your case? Do they guide clients throughout the court processes, or will you have to figure everything out yourself?

A background check will help you answer these and other questions.

Criminal Defence Law Firm

Failing to Interview Multiple Firms

Most Defendants fail to compare the pros and cons of choosing an established criminal defense law firm to a smaller firm. Yet, in some cases, they might realize that smaller firms charge less for the same services an established firm offers.

Not Asking the Right Questions

Like any business transaction, you’ll want to ask the right questions when picking a law firm. This way, you’ll understand what you are getting yourself into.

You can ask questions like; Has the law firm ever handled cases similar to yours? Does the law firm know about your company? What’s their opinion about the most likely outcome for your case?

Judging a Law Firm Based on Experience

The most experienced law firm might not be the most ideal for you. For starters, they are usually expensive and charge more for billing hours than less established firms. 

Secondly, established law firms will likely represent many clients at once. Finally, they might not always respond to your calls and emails on time because they are busy.

On the other hand, an experienced law firm is likely to know any tricks that the prosecution might try to pull in your case. As a result, they can estimate the likelihood of winning your case and how to negotiate the right deals.

Not Checking the Firm’s Credentials

Cases have been reported where shady law firms have scammed people. This is likely because these people never checked the firm’s credentials in the first place.

Some credentials that indicate a reputable firm include Awards or accolades from reputed agencies such as the American Bar association, licenses to operate in certain states, Getting ranked on sites like Chambers USA or Super Lawyers, etc.

You can find these credentials on the firm’s website, on its brochures, or on its resume.  

Not Understanding the Firm’s Fee Structure

Like a business transaction with any company, it’s essential to go over the payment details of any law firm before entrusting them with your case.

Find out things like; Do they charge a fixed price or per hour? How much do they charge for a consultation? Will they send constant updates on how your bills are accruing?

It’s up to the defendant to find out.


Every law firm has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to the defendant to pick the right one. Not only do you need a firm that suits your budget, but you also want one that will win the case and keep you out of prison.