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The Importance of Legal Advice For Theft Cases

In a court of law, the importance of legal advice for theft cases cannot be stressed enough. The types of theft included in the criminal code are numerous and can include Identity theft, Petit larceny, Embezzlement, and other kinds of theft. A skilled attorney can make a huge difference in your case, including defending against theft of services charges. To learn more, keep reading. You might be surprised to learn how much legal advice for theft cases can mean to your case.

Identity theft

While you can’t prevent ID theft, you can take steps to protect your information. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published a handout on identity theft. The FTC also provides information about how to secure your personal information. You can buy identity theft protection or get free legal advice. The sooner you find out about the theft, the better. However, it’s never too late to find out what you’re at risk for.

First, report your identity theft. If you are a victim of identity theft, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by phone or online. Alternatively, you can use the Identity Theft Affidavit form, which simplifies the reporting process. Next, contact the three major credit bureaus and the fraud departments of your utilities. If all else fails, contact an attorney immediately. Remember, identity theft is a serious issue.

Petit larceny

Petit larceny is considered the least serious theft crime in New York, yet it can still carry life-altering consequences. A Syracuse criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your rights and your legal options. Jeffrey DeRoberts has been aggressively defending clients for more than two decades and has significant experience in the field of criminal law. He is experienced in handling a variety of types of theft cases.

A skilled attorney will also know how to present your case to the prosecutor. A lawyer who has successfully argued larceny cases understands how to present an individual’s case to a judge and prosecutor. If you need a defense attorney, contact The Law Offices of Michael H. Ricca P.C. for a consultation. A skilled attorney can present your case to the prosecutor and presiding judge effectively, giving you the best chance for a favorable outcome.


When the United States government or a national interest is involved, embezzlement becomes a federal crime. For example, embezzlers could be contractors or employees who take money from a government contract and do not reimburse it. Additionally, embezzlers could be working in the real estate industry, which may make them targets of federal crimes. A federal lawyer can help you fight these charges if you are accused of embezzling money from a government-owned company.

Embezzlement cases can happen in many forms, but are most common in an employer-employee relationship. A business owner can be accused of embezzling funds by stealing from an employee with access to their company’s money and assets. A district attorney may also file a case for falsifying bank statements and altering accounts to disguise the embezzlement of funds.

Other types of theft

Theft is a complex crime. There are various types, but essentially, it involves obtaining property without the permission or knowledge of the owner. This is often synonymous with larceny, which occurs when an action is taken that takes away a person’s right of ownership or use. However, there are many ways to get arrested for theft, and the following are some of the best ways to protect yourself.

Theft is often categorized according to value. Small value theft is usually a misdemeanor, while larger value theft may carry a felony charge. Examples of petty theft include shoplifting and stealing from a retail store. Other examples include failing to pay for food or drinks in a restaurant or switching price tags. Other types of theft can be characterized as grand theft, which has more serious consequences. In some cases, violence is involved.