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What Are the Main Parts of House Garage Doors?

Garage doors are an essential part of your home and are not just for show. They allow you to access your garage and store your belongings safely. The parts of a garage door can vary from brand to brand, but some common elements remain in all models. You will find these essential components inside every garage door:

Parts of House Garage Doors

Garage door opener

No matter what type of garage door you have, whether it is sectional or carriage house garage doors, the garage door opener is the central part of your garage door. It makes it open and close and can be either a chain or an electric motor.

If you have an automatic garage door opener, it will do most of the work for you when opening or closing your door; however, this isn’t always an option for everyone because some homeowners might not want to spend money on an extra system just so they don’t have to worry about manually opening their doors all day long!


Drums are also an essential part of your garage door. They hold up your door opener and control it so you can open or close it. The drums are made of steel and connect to the chain tracks on both sides of your garage door so that when you push down on one side, it lifts up on the other.

The drums also help lift and lower garage doors by providing resistance against wind pressure when moving through an opening or closing at high speed (like an automatic opener).


The track is the metal frame that the door slides on. It’s made of steel or aluminium and usually has a width of 1-3 inches, with an average length of 5-14 feet. The track can be found at the bottom of your garage door, or it may integrate into one part of your garage door itself.

One thing to remember when choosing what type of track you want for your new garage doors: some manufacturers offer more affordable options that use plastic instead of metal, but these tend to last less long because they’re not as sturdy.


Springs lift and lower the garage door, allowing you to open and close it inside your house. Springs are attached to the garage door opener by a spring bracket, an attachment device that allows them to be fastened securely onto their respective areas within your vehicle or building’s structure.

Garage door seal

The garage door seal is a large, flat piece of rubber that comes in contact with the bottom edge of your garage door. It prevents rain and snow from entering your doors, helping keep them clean and in good working order. This can also help prevent bugs from getting inside your home and keep dust out of your car.

It also helps keep noise levels down so that you don’t have to listen to loud banging noises whenever someone opens their car door or backs out into traffic outside their garage door!


Rollers allow the garage doors to move up and down. There are many rollers: plastic roller, steel roller, nylon roller, etc. 


Brackets are the metal parts that provide additional support to open or close your garage door. You will need garage door brackets to open your door conveniently. 


The parts of a garage door are pretty straightforward, but it’s essential to understand each one for troubleshooting and maintenance when knowing what goes where will help you keep your garage door in good shape for years to come! The main parts of a garage door are the springs, hinges, and rollers. These are all important for ensuring that your garage door always stays open. To keep these different parts of the garage door working in the best condition, always reach out to suppliers who provide reliable and high-quality house garage doors.