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What qualifies a lawyer to be a family law expert?

Family law is a complex law field that involves many topics to study. There are some qualifications to pass as a family lawyer to become a family law expert. So what do you need to do to get the knowledge and experience of a family law expert?

family law expert

Educational qualifications

The first step is to have all the qualifications to become a lawyer. That includes having an undergraduate and law degree. Intern with different places that deal with family law cases to get the skills required. They can also volunteer at a family law clinic or court or get part-time work to gain experience. 

They practice family law under an experienced lawyer to understand how to approach different cases. You will also have to complete and pass special exams. These exams require more knowledge and experience than the bar exam. 

They need evaluation and recommendations from attorneys and Judges on Family Law. They show that the lawyer has the necessary skills to get certified as an expert family lawyer. 


To become a Law expert like the family law expert at Pickering, you need not less than five years of experience. A quarter of the time is spent solving family law cases. There are many family law cases dealing with both parents and children. 

It isn’t easy to deal with emotional cases like those in family law. It is why few lawyers can become family law experts. Some of the cases family law experts deal with include:

  • Divorce cases can also take place as mediation or litigation. It includes the settlement of marital property and custody of children.
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Adoption cases
  • Child support agreements
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Restraining orders

These family law experts must have enough experience in dealing with such cases. Despite the difficulty of the case, family law experts should be able to handle such cases. That is why they are experts in family law. 

Furthermore, they have to prove their capability with certification after the exam. They will need to renew the certificate every five years. It ensures they keep up with changes in the law on family cases and conflict. 

Part of their task is to handle cases that have long and complex dispute cases. They charge more than the average family lawyer: they handle more complex cases. 

Interpersonal skills 

Family law experts work with people in the family unit. It is an intimate area that requires the lawyer to have good people skills. They must also analyze situations deeply and have good verbal and written communication. 

Family law experts have to master time management and be able to relate with their clients. On top of legal knowledge, it is important to understand the clients. It ensures you can effectively work with them even in their emotional state. 

Final words 

Family law experts have invested years of work and studies to achieve this status. That is why they deal with complex cases in family law courts. They are reliable when facing a difficult family case. Get a family law expert who will handle your case professionally and help you resolve your issue.