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How Does the Embalming Process Work?

For a long time in history, human beings have preserved the bodies of their loved ones using different methods. The embalming process is a modern method of preservation for a dead body. So how is embalming done, and how does it work to preserve the body? This article will explain what you need to know about embalming and how it works. 

Embalming Process for funeral

What is embalming 

It is a method of preserving a dead body by draining internal fluids and adding a disinfectant solution. 

Preparation of the body 

The embalming process starts with cleaning the body by washing it. The cremation services will cleanse the body using a strong disinfectant until the body is clean. After cleaning the body, they will shave facial hair. 

The next step is to massage the muscle to reduce tension and prepare the muscles for embalming. Embalmers massage the joints and the limbs so the embalming solution can quickly move through the arteries. 

They close the eyes using special skin glue or eye caps that look like human flesh. They are oval in shape and help in holding the eye in position. Finally, they sew the jaw shut using what is known as suture string. 

They can also use wires to sew the bottom and the top jaw. They pass the wire on the upper jaw and lower jaw. It is done on the front teeth and then tied at the bottom of the jaw. 

A needle injector helps sew the jaws shut so they can adjust the mouth to the required position. It is an instrument that helps to pass the wire while sewing the jaws shut. 


The embalmer mixes the solutions that help in the preservation of the body. The solution contains chemicals such as 

  • Formaldehyde
  • Methanol
  • Water 
  • Dye 
  • Phenol
  • Ethanol
  • glutaraldehyde 

The mixture of these solutions allows the body to last longer than it could have stayed in normal conditions. They first start by drawing blood from the body using the veins. After this, they inject the solution into the body through the arteries. The arteries are present in every body part, making them suitable for passing fluid to all body parts. 

They make a small opening in the middle of the stomach and drain all the fluids and gases. The formaldehyde solution replaces these fluids and gases. The embalmer then closes the opening. 

How does embalming work?

The body naturally has bacteria that have specific functions in various human body parts. When a person dies, the bacteria can move to other parts of the body, which causes the reaction which starts decomposition. 

The embalming process drains the body of all the liquids that are no longer moving. The formaldehyde solution is a disinfectant that slows down the bacterial reaction. It gives the deceased’s family some time to plan for the funeral. 

Final words 

The embalming process is not compulsory but is essential if you want the body to look the same as the last time the person was alive. Embalming is unnecessary if you plan on cremating the body unless you want to view it before the cremation. However, if you’re going to embalm the body of your loved one, find a reputable crematorium. Ask for the entire process to know how they will care for your loved one.