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5 Important Things About Dental Implants You Didn’t Know

Did you lose a tooth due to tooth decay, gum disease, and other injuries? Is it hampering your speech, chewing patterns, and living comfort?

With scientific advances in restorative dentistry, you can now live with a healthy set of teeth by getting dental implants. Compared to regular dentures, dental implants can look and feel like real teeth while increasing your oral and bone health.

Briefly speaking, dental implants are devices implanted into the gums to help with normal chewing and restore the gap left by the removed tooth. Dentists use these implants as support to further install crowns or dentures.

But before getting any surgical procedure done, it is essential to research its potential success and aftercare. So, here we are with a list of facts and benefits to aid your research.

Dental Implants

5 Things To Know About Dental Implants

1. Dental Implants Feel Like Regular Teeth

A dental implant is as durable as natural teeth since it has titanium roots that hold onto your jaw, similar to strong nerve roots. However, it is made of metal, which can make it sturdier than normal teeth or dentures. You can even bite and chew tough meat without worrying about them falling out!

Moreover, dental implants can match the enamel colour of your natural tooth so that they don’t look fake. Hence, you can regain your bright, dazzling smile!

2. They Retain Face Structure

Over time, not restoring a missing tooth can lead to alterations in your face structure and cause your muscles to sink into the gap. However, dental implants can retain your facial structure by stabilizing the jawbone to prevent the muscles from deteriorating. 

3. Dental Implant Surgeries Are Safe

Even though dental implant surgeries include installing prosthetics into the jawbone, it is a safe and quick procedure. With the right tools and accurate measurements, a good dentist can install it in a jiffy. Moreover, dental surgeries involving implants have high success rates and fast patient recovery.

4. Easy Aftercare

You don’t need to worry about cavities or tooth decay if you get implants since the materials are not as susceptible as natural teeth. After recovery, all you need to do is regular brushing and flossing to maintain oral hygiene. However, the gums surrounding the implant can still be prone to infections, but your dentist will walk you through the best preventative measures to avoid this.

5. Protects Existing Teeth

The gap left by the lost tooth can lead to alterations in the jawbone structure or, worse, cause infections to spread further. Therefore, restorative methods like implants can prevent re-infection or tooth shifting by compensating for the lost tooth. 

Final Thoughts

Dental implants are beneficial in protecting your teeth and boosting self-confidence. It is a cost-effective long-term treatment to aid a normal lifestyle and reduce jawbone weight. 

However, before getting dental implants, ensure you research the materials and overall cost of the procedure. To help with this, book a consultation with an efficient and trustworthy dentist to regain your living comfort at an affordable price.