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3 Different Types Of Personal Injury Lawyers

Going through any injury can make the victim deal with several issues and lasting consequences. It hurts you and comes with devastating financial bills such as medical bills and lost wages. 

Besides, some accidents might cause you life-threatening problems. Thus, if the injuries results from someone’s fault, you can seek legal help from the brampton injury lawyers who specialize in such cases. 

However, several types of injuries are part of personal injury law. Let’s have a look at that. It will give you a brief idea of which case you can hire a Personal Injury Lawyer. 

Motor vehicle injuries/accidents 

Contact a Personal Injury attorney if you’ve encountered any motor vehicle injury like a car, bike, or bus accident. Besides, make sure you capture the incident of the crash site as evidence to prove yourself in court. 

The attorney will look at the camera footage, examine the vehicle’s condition and gather some eyewitnesses to justify your case. A professional Personal Injury attorney will investigate your claim and take immediate action. 

Premises liability 

According to the Premises liability law, the owners are responsible for taking care of the people entering their premises. For example, if you’re running a business, you must ensure that your employees are safe from any hazardous situation. However, there are different types of cases that are part of Premises liability-

  • Affected by harmful chemical or material 
  • Slip and fall case
  • Accidents in the swimming pool
  • Security Negligence 
  • Poisoning
  • Wire faults
  • Inadequate lights 

If you’ve encountered any injury because of property negligence, contact a personal injury attorney to help you compensate for your loss.

Product liability 

As per the customer protection law, businesses must ensure that the products they deliver are safe for the public. Despite this, sometimes you might receive a defective product, and you get injured due to it. 

In that case, you can claim the company for selling dangerous products. And to help you out, a personal injury attorney will ensure you get justice. Hiring them will ensure you can deal with the company and loss legally. 

Medical malpractice 

If you got injured on the hospital premises because of the negligence of a healthcare professional, then your case falls under Medical malpractice. Medical negligence will cover several incidents-

  • Mistakes during the surgery
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Improper use of anesthesia
  • Prescription of wrong medicines

These cases are not only complex but also harmful and may be life-threatening. That’s why; taking legal advice will help you deal with such situations effectively. 

Worker compensations

If a worker gets injured while performing any job task, they can apply for worker compensation. With this, a worker can cover their medical bills and lost wages. Besides, if a worker gets injured with a lifelong disability, worker compensation will significantly help them. 

But you might have to deal with insurance companies that provide compensation and require legal advice. You can ask help from a personal injury attorney to deal with the insurance companies and get your money.