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Can My Criminal Charge Be Dropped?

Are you finding the circumstances in which the offence penalty can be dropped? Or, Are you charged and want to nullify it? Don’t you need to be worried. Here is everything you need to know. Let’s look at situations that result in a criminal being declared innocent and the case or charge being dropped.

Can My Criminal Charge Be Dropped?

Will the criminal charge be dropped?

Yes! The charge can be dropped because all criminal penalties don’t require a trial. But, it depends on the knowledge and discussion between the lawyers, the defence, and the prosecutor. The one who has the right to drop is always the prosecutor.

What’s the difference between dropped or dismissed offences?

The main difference between both is for dismissal, the offence should be filed, and it will always be dismissed after the trial. But, the dropped are the ones in which there is no filing restriction, and these crimes can be dropped before and after trial.

Criminal Charges Dropping Scenarios

Under the following situations, your case can be dropped.

Lack of evidence 

The prosecutor has the power to drop the case if they think that the evidence is not enough to prove the offence. To prove you are accused of some crime, the prosecution has to provide firm evidence in court. The case can also be dropped until new shreds of evidence are gathered.

For instance, you are charged with murder, and the prosecutor has no proper evidence such as your fingerprints, video while doing murder or any witness who had seen you doing so. If not, then the case is dropped.

Flaws in Procedures

They are strong laws followed by both the prosecution and the investigating agency like the police. All the codes and conducts should be followed in the activities, which includes

  • arresting,
  • interrogating,
  • setting a bail hearing,  
  • engaging in pretrial activities.

If the defender claims his rights are by-passed and overlooked, it may result in the dropping of your case.

Fourth Amendment violations

It safeguards people against unwanted searches and seizures by police, investigators, and law enforcement. Any information found unlawfully can and should be eliminated from the trial. 

The prosecution may dismiss a criminal prosecution if it is proven that part of their evidence was obtained illegally and is inadmissible in court. A qualified defence attorney can demonstrate if this has occurred, possibly as a result of investigators failing to get an appropriate order to look for evidence.

Plea Bargain

Some attorneys will drop criminal charges in compensation for a plea agreement to lesser charges. You will continue to be convicted of the violation, but you’ll avoid the heavy felony penalty. You will indeed escape the guilt involved with a guilty verdict. This approach doesn’t result in a positive criminal record. However, it provides you with an option to drop your lawsuit.

Wrap up

If you are convicted on some charges, don’t try to avoid investigating the authority’s confrontation because there are many scenarios where your case can be dropped. Get a hold of a strong criminal lawyer like the criminal law firm brampton in order to make sure your case goes through smoothly.