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5 Key Tips for Carpet Hygiene for Households With Pets

When dealing with pets, cleaning carpets can be stressful. Even the most behaved pets make a mess every once in a while. You need a little hard work to ensure your home stays clean. 

Here are five tips to help avoid stains and dirt build-up in your carpet. 

Carpet Hygiene

Have emergency stain removal tools 

Once the carpet stains dry out, it is difficult to remove them. It is essential to have materials ready in case pets mess up your carpet. Timing is important when cleaning stains left by pets on the carpet. Clean the stains off immediately after you notice them. Materials to have ready include;

  • Towels
  • Detergents
  • Cleaning solutions 
  • Vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid 
  • Bottle spray

Place them somewhere you can easily reach. You will want to get to them fast before the pet urine soaks into your carpet. 

Vacuum your house

One way to maintain a clean carpet is by vacuuming it once or twice a week. Pets shed fur, which can accumulate in seats and carpets. Setting up some extra time within the week to clean your carpet is essential. 

If you are too busy, hire home cleaners to vacuum your house. It will reduce fur and dirt from racking up on your carpet. 

Use a doormat

Pet’s explorations outside can drag in mud, soil, grass, and twigs. Doormats are a great way to ensure they clean their paws before getting in. You can also clean under the paws with a damp cloth before letting pets inside the house. 

Doormats can help to reduce the amount of dirt on the carpet. You can also train your furry friend to clean their paws before getting into the house. Get a quality doormat that can absorb mud and easily clean dirt and place it on every entrance. 

Groom your pets 

If you have pets with lots of furs, you need to groom them regularly. Luckily, there are many grooming services available for pets. You can also wash your pets after two weeks and brush their fur. 

Brushing and washing your pets reduces carpets’ fur, dander, and germ. It also keeps fleas and ticks away from your carpet, ensuring your home stays clean. 

Hire professional carpet cleaners

To ensure that you maintain your carpet cleanliness, find professional cleaners to clean your carpet. Get them to clean your carpet once a month to eliminate the stains you cannot reach. 

Professional licensed cleaners have the right equipment and solutions to deep clean your carpet. A professional cleaning will remove germs in carpets, odour from pet urine, and other spills. Ensure to get a cleaning service that is pet friendly. 

It means that the cleaning solutions will not affect your pets. It is essential to get your carpet professionally cleaned, especially after winter. Most of the dirt from outside sticks to shoes and paws and accumulate on the mat.  

It is essential to clean your carpet, especially if you have a pet, as it retains dirt and fur. These can increase the chances of infections from mites and fleas living on the carpet. These five tips will keep you ahead of your cleaning. Contact us if you are looking for professional help with cleaning your carpet.